We work closely with Business Owners to optimise their business in order to save time, save money & bring them to a point where they can take a rest whenever they choose.


We work closely with Business Owners to optimise their business in order to save time, save money & bring them to a point where they can take a rest whenever they choose.


Disciplined & Timely Execution

We come with a work plan in order for everyone to know what they are suppose to do and when to do it. This may be in a form of an overall strategy or event based reactions.

Peace of Mind

We will help you be able to sleep well at night knowing your project is being implemented smoothly.

Stronger Team Dynamics

With an external team your in-house staff will be more accountable and will have more drive to complete their tasks well.

Cost Effective

The expense to engage an external help may often be seen as costly but if paying a small fee can increase your chance of success from 63% to 90% or even 100%, and without losing precious time, the cost becomes insignificant.

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Results-Driven Approach to Business Growth

Since 2012, CJMS Management Pte Ltd has provided business execution and marketing services to business owners from the healthcare, wellness, beauty and education sectors by executing their business and marketing plans successfully in a timely manner.

At CJMS Management, work doesn’t just stop after implementing a project or a marketing campaign, we guide and follow through from start to end and thereafter. Throughout the implementation process, we work closely with business owners to ensure they have a competent team and sufficient resources to acquire, convert and retain customers. After such a campaign, we also ensure that marketing is up to date and constantly tweaked for improvements as we react accordingly to the fast and ever-changing world of marketing and technology.

We become partners with our clients as they grow their business, and we do so by doing the hard work so you can use the time to focus on your business and your existing customers. Just imagine no more late nights trying to learn and understand the market trends and movements and just having a good night’s sleep so you can wake up bright and fresh to meet your clients and face the world. We take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best.

We are flexible and sensitive in working with our clients’ needs and budget. We are able to maximize your budget and drive sustainable results while remaining sensitive to your timeline needs. We wish to be the reliable and dependable in helping you design, plan and implement from start to finish so you don’t have to. It’s like going to McDonalds and getting a delicious double cheeseburger, we handle the backend smoothly so you can just enjoy the double cheeseburger and be with your friends!

Let our team of experts with real-world marketing and business management experience help you increase market share and revenue so that you can successfully grow and scale your business the fastest possible way.

Tapping knowledge and lessons from like minded individuals.


How CJMS Came About

Our CJMS logo is no accident. It is cleverly designed with a deep thought process behind it in order to show to our clients the importance of what we do.

CJMS Management naturally sits in the centre as we will be helping our clients manage their business in all the nitty gritty stuff. Each of the 6 circles represent an aspect of running a business which we not only excel in, but able to take the workload off your shoulders.

The 6 business functions are:

Business Formalisation
Resource Planning
Secretariat Services
Growth Optimisation
Project Management
Business Progress Review

These 6 circles are designed around CJMS Management is because each of these processes are important and crucial to sustaining and scaling a successful business, and our aim is for our client to enjoy joys in making success. That is our one true purpose.

The use of purple and white shows our unique use of creativity in generating ideas (if need be) and yet handling any issues calmly. The purple shows that we are loyal to our clients and aim to align our clients business towards success. The white shows that we are transparent to our clients in what works and what does not work.

The overall logo can be seen in two symbols, the basic atomic structure of carbon which is the basis of life, and a ship’s steering wheel. It was specially designed because CJMS Management aims to partner our client in bringing life to their business and steering it towards success